5pm daily


caesar salad | 14

romaine, caesar dressing, garlic crouton

signature salad | 13

goat cheese, sultana, tomato, candied seeds

cucumber, sherry vinaigrette

nicoise salad | 20

albacore tuna, olive tapenade, french beans 

sundried tomato, hardboiled egg, frisee

new potato, sherry vinaigrette

beets and burrata | 18 

roasted beets, italian burrata, parsnip crisp

walnuts, goat cheese and red beet puree

crab and shrimp cakes | 19 

tartar sauce, fennel salad

½ dozen oysters on the half shell 

ask your server for our daily selections

local west coast | 18 

premium east or west coast | 25 

lamb chop | 19  | 37 

creamed bean medley

wasabi crusted mint crisp 

tempura prawns | 18 

spicy mayo

mussels & clams | 19 

– lemon garlic, white wine cream

– tomato andouille sausage 

humbodlt squid | 17 

fried crispy, szechuan pepper salt, jalapeno

green onion, lime tzatziki

sweetbreads | 18 

veal, pickloed carrots, herb gnocchi

raisins, pine nuts, red wine jus


hamachi cones | 19 

lettuce, avocado, spicy mayo, trio of tobiko

bonito roll | 21

bonito, avocado, cucumber, shaved onions

crispy capers, yuzu mayo, black tobiko, ponzu

rockefeller vegetarian roll | 15 

asparagus, avocado, red pepper spinach, motoyaki sauce

spicy tuna roll | 18

albacore tuna, avocado, cucumber, tobiko, chipotle sauce

snow roll | 18 

ahi tuna, avocado, cucumber, asparagus

wasabi tobiko, grated horseradish 

salmon tempura roll | 20

avocado, cucumber, pickled radish, yuzu mayo, tobiko, ponzo glaze

selection of sashimi | 24

ask your server for our daily selections


salmon | 36

isreal couscous, daily vegetables

crispy capers, parsnip chips, dill beurre blanc

BC sablefish | 36

miso marinate, pickled carrot

nori emulsion, roasted fingerling potato, vegetables

barramundi | 37 

jicama slaw, peanut brittle, lemongrass cream

roasted fingerling potato, vegetables

jambalaya | 32 

andouille sausage, prawns, chicken

cajun rice, tomato, corn bread 

scallop and prawn linguine | 37 

nova scotia scallops, agrentinean red prawn

candy salmon cream linguine

parmesan, frisee

ahi tuna | 40 

mascarpone stuffed piquillo pepper

winter vegetables, herb oil

duck breast | 38

spicy basil pesto, brandy cranberry demi

corn bread, winter vegetables

braised beef short rib   bone in | 38

braised daikon, winter vegetables

truffle creamed linguini 

12oz beef ribeye | 42 

winter vegetables, mashed potato

peppercorn sauce 

rabbit | 36 

bacon wrapped saddle, braised shank

leek strudel, vegetables

apricot pure, jus

lamb shank osso bucco | 36 

mashed potato, spiced yogurt, vegetables

lemon garlic gremolada

vegan rataouille | 27 

eggplant roulade, zucchini, bell pepper

chilled quinoq, tomato 

frisse, orange roasted fennel relish



cauliflower gratin blue cheese walnut | 8

beef short rib mac and cheese | 12

navajo bread with hummus | 6

basket of 3 dinner rolls | 6

daily vegetables | 10

– taxes and gratuity not included

– menus subject to change with seasonal considerations

– cakes or other dessert items from outside sources will be charged at $3.50 per guest

– parties of 8 or more are subject to an 18% service and will be seated when the entire party has arrived





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