5pm daily


asian pear & baby arugula  | 13

pear vinegar dressing, stilton cheese hazelnut

caesar salad |12

romaine hearts, caesar dressing, garlic crostini, anchovies

heirloom tomato & burrata | 18

italian soft cheese, crostini, aged balsamic, extra virgin olive oil

lyonnaise salad | 12

organic greens, vine ripened tomato, crispy bacon sous vide egg, lemon yogurt vinaigrette

cognac wild boar terrine | 14

gherkins, granny smith apple compote, garlic crostini

½ dozen oysters on the half shell

ask your server for our daily selections

premium east or west coast | 25

west coast | 17

salt spring mussels or manila clams | 17

choice of:

-garlic, bacon, leek, white wine cream

-tomato chorizo

escargot and yam gnocchi | 15

toasted brioche, wild mushrooms

tempura prawns | 17

spicy mayo

fried humboldt squid | 15

crispy shallots, pickled banana pepper, cilantro, spicy mayo

fried chicken & beignets | 13

horseradish marinated, beet ketchup


chopped scallop & bacon cones | 19

scallop, double smoked bacon, garlic mayo, avocado, cucumber, yuzu tobiko

vegan roll | 12

maple syrup cajun yams, cucumber, avocado, roasted almonds, yuzu cashew mayo

lobster dynamite roll | 17

tempura lobster, avocado, cucumber, yuzu, tobiko, orange gochujyan spicy mayo

wild bc salmon roll | 14

salmon karaage, asparagus, yuzu tobiko, garlic mayo

spicy tuna roll | 14

orange gochujyan spicy sauce, cucumber, avocado, yuzu tobiko, roasted garlic mayo

tako roll | 13

paprika soy braised bc octopus, grilled red peppers, avocado, tobiko, garlic mayo, roasted almonds

grilled alberta flatiron roll | 15

grilled rare, avocado, cucumber, asparagus, ponzu sauce, garlic mayo, ginger noodle


scallop tortellini | 29

house made scallop tortellini, leek velouté black truffle puree & sauteed spinach 

maplehill chicken | 32

morel mushroom stuffed breast, mashed potato, fois gras demi glaze

icelandic haddock | 34

pearl barley risotto, white truffle, cauliflower puree

venison | 39

denver leg cut, bacon barley risotto, mole sauce, roasted winter root vegetables

argentina prawns | 33

pea risotto, shaved romano, crispy serrano ham, garlic chips

grilled portabello | 28

spinach ricotta ravioli, seasonal vegetable, goat cheese, tomato sauce

12oz ribeye | 45

yukon gold whipped potato, spring vegetables, creamy brandy peppercorn demi

seabass | 39

pea risotto, vegetables, shaved grana padano, lemon butter sauce, crispy capers

kuterra salmon | 32

yam gnocchi, wild mushroom, cauliflower leek puree

kurobuta pork tenderloin | 34

double smoked bacon wrapped loin, morel mushroom, mashed potato

lamb shank | 36

soft cheese polenta, vegetables, natural jus


lobster mac and cheese | 13

roasted button mushroom | 6

asparagus | 6

brussels sprouts | 6

basket of 3 rolls | 4

- taxes and gratuity not included

- menus subject to change with seasonal considerations

- cakes or other dessert items from outside sources will be charged at $3.50 per guest

- parties of 8 or more are subject to an 18% service and will be seated when the entire party has arrived

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