cocktails (2 oz)

lift wine gum | 15

chambord, white rum, lemon juice

orange juice topped with soda, red wine

grapefruit bourbon sour | 16

Geoff's twist on a classic bulliet bourbon 

shaken with egg whites

pink grapefruit juice & grapefruit bitter

smoke & mirrors | 16

smokey scotch, benedictine, aperol, angostura

bitters, lemon juice & simple syrup 

pacific thyme | 15

gin thyme infused, green chartruese

apple, grapefruit and lime juice 

chamomlie sour | 14 

vodka, St. Germain

lemon and cranberry juice

egg white, chamomile syrup 

martinis (2 oz)

blueberry sake | 16

new taru, stoli blueberry vodka

lychee syrup, lemon and blueberry juice

rose water

whisky lullaby | 13 

crown royal, maraschino liqueur 

cranberry and lemon juice 

orange wink | 17 

grey goose l'orange, Galliano

grapefruit and lime juice, simple syrup

grapefruit bitters, orange zest

smokey pie | 17

mezcal, giffard ginger

apple juice, lime juice, egg whites

honey syrup, dust of cinnamon

shelter point mist 

coconut blossom | 15

gin, st. germaine, coconut rum, lime juice

hibiscus water, coconut milk

egg whites, bitters

burnt rooibos | 14

gin, whisky, sweet vermouth

rooibos syrup, bitters, lime


mocktails for all ages

nine iron | 6

grapefruit and lemon juice, iced tea

fresh ginger

morning delight | 5

apple juice, mint & green tea, lime, gingerale

citrus note | 5

lemon, lime, cucumber, water

tropical flower | 5

pineapple, cranberry & lime juice

rosewater, soda


raspberry beret | 12

cassis, luxardo limoncello, lemon juice, grenadine, cava

the rose petal | 14

cherry morlacco, aperol, simple syrup, rose water, lemon and topped with cava

sugar plum | 12

takara plum wine, cava

lemon juice, peychauds bitters

droplet | 13

vodka, cointeau, cava, rooibos syrup

orange bitters, lemon juice 

winter warmers

coco de menthe | 9

dark rum, godiva white chocolate

crème de menthe

hot chocolate, steamed milk

Lift irish coffee | 9

bushmills black, irish mist, coffee

sugar rim, whipped cream

classic apple cider | 9 

steamed apple cider, bulliet rye


green hornet | 9

canadian whisky, averna amaro

marrakesh mint green tea, honey syrup


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